How I managed to do Oracle cloud Infrastructure Foundations 2020 Associate Certification along with job?

Lets begin from how I came to know about the certification and I managed to do it alongside with me job in the other hand ! So I came to know about certification through LinkedIn, I got to know that this certification was being provided as a free certification. After completing the course online and I had to appear for a proctored exam .So I completed the course, the video lectures and study materials provided by Oracle and went ahead to schedule my exam finally booking my slot. But the main challenges that I was facing was that the extreme pressure in work. I am also working as an IT employee and after this pandemic has started it had become a difficult situation. I must say the work pressure has increased a lot. So my initial thought was completing the courses and not appearing for the exam.But I somehow thought when I have completed the lectures already so much then I should not miss the exam. At the same time from a few of the friends I came to know that the exam is not that easy and only the videos provided by Oracle is not sufficient.The first thing that came to my mind was Udemy because I had done a few courses before from udemy as well and I find the content very much informative I must say. I studied both from Oracle website and I also did the same course from Udemy .I made notes .I also went through few dump questions from internet .While attempting the exam I was very confident because I could realise that all the concepts were clear to me . I secured 72% in the exam . The domain I am working in is completely different from the course I did . But I followed my aspiration and took a baby step to a technology which is not only trending but also emerging as well.Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has got different levels of learning . I did the very basic one however I am looking forward in gaining deeper knowledge and having hands on experience as well which isa plus point in anything we learn new. Hope to post here more articles like this. Thanks for reading .