How to keep yourself motivated in this pandemic situation and WFH?

Everyone will agree that we all wanted work from home at some point of time and definitely have looked at other colleague or friends or relatives and wonder how is he working from home and not worrying about going to office. Never the less I have also done the same and asked myself a multiple times that “When man when will I get WFH?” . But finally when the time arrived and after a stretch of long 4 months we all have become restless and thinking when is the situation going to be better and we can return to work. Everyone has a different story , few people are there those who have become bore in home , there are some people those whose life has turned upside down , for majority work pressure has increased along with the mental pressure as well because different IT companies has already started cost cutting , one promotion cycle a year and a lot many changes in good ways and bad ways together. These were a few aspects for IT professionals but there are other aspects as well . Everyone has their own shits to deal with and maximum times that comes out as frustration or anxiety .The question here is what can we do to make ourselves a better individual . Nobody is going to make a daily effort to keep you or me or anyone motivated. Self motivation is the key . The same room I have my bed is the same place where I am working from. So whats the deal or the idea now? We need to understand that the whole 24 hrs cant be dedicated for work or work related thinking's . We need to divide our time and give importance to both ourselves and work too . This doesn't mean that don’t complete your work in deadlines or say no to work . This means start working smartly . There should be dedicated time for work, dedicated time for ourselves. Nurture your hobbies in me time , take a break in between work and have a walk in the balcony or terrace in the fresh air for 10–15 minutes. Give you eyes rest from the laptop screen or the phone screens. If you like reading, cooking , dancing , singing be it anything go ahead and find a time in a day where you give time to yourself. Even if that means lying in a couch do that no issues . On the week-offs don’t push yourself to check work emails or work related stuff instead do something that keeps you happy. Complaining and back bitching is not the key to let your frustration go away . Neither thinking that your current job or job role is the problem of your life . There is always a good side of everything you just need to LOOK AT THE RIGHT. Find ways to keep yourself going . Sometimes change the look of your room , change the curtains , swap the furniture positions these small things also helps . It gives your room a new look and that makes your mood happy . Plant a tree or a small sapling and water it and see it grow everyday. It will definitely give some positive vibes which we lack at times . Talk to people who keeps you happy, that can be anyone. Just keep in mind stay away from negative vibes because that is the foremost thing we will find easily. Good things are always hard to find and needs efforts remember. Take a day off in a month or two , stay at home and spent the day with your family, talk to them . It helps both in bonding and refreshing our minds.Think good think positive and just take things in the simplest way they can be . Complicating things means we are complicating the surroundings and the situation around us . Life is a short journey , it will be over before we even realise , lots to do so stay motivated and stay healthy and for sure STAY AT HOME .I have given shared a few pictures of my work desk and some new pastime hobbies also, hope you like it.Thank you for reading and do share your thoughts and experience how you are keeping yourself motivated in these tough times .