The Broken Heart Chaos

My mind is so messed up I don’t even understand what to say when people ask me how are you holding up ! But now I have learnt to lie to others and to myself as well. With time I have started accepting that there is nothing we get by holding up things and memories. What always crossed my mind was how the other person can give up when we were in this both together? Actually we never were in this together .. that’swhy things end . It has to be a two way path always. Life has been crazy but I am glad I am still smiling and didn’t give up .

Love is a beautiful feeling and yes maybe I wasn’t lucky enough to find the true love but I am sure everyone is going to get their’s one day or other. Remember if you haven’t got yours it’s just not your time and if your friend or anyone around got their’s because it was their time. The moon and the sun shine at different time and have their own charm . Doesn’t they ? So just wait for your time to shine . No relationship are perfect and trust me neither do I nor do you need a perfect one. You just need to hold on the right person. Someone has taught me that there is nothing such as “this is what I am , take it or leave it” .When you love a person you work on your toxic traits .You learn to communicate , you LISTEN when your partner expresses their feeling. I just wish all the broken hearts heals. Because healing is just so difficult and unpredictable process. It’s like one day you are okay and doing great and the next day you are just back from where you started. We all need to make it to the finish line so let’s just not give up our hopes.

Dreaming big 🐝